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We respect the privacy of every customer and attach great importance to the confidentiality of all data and information

Information we collect and visit

Our access to your personal information is restricted to the range of information you entered when placing an order (including but not limited to order requirements, customer contact information, etc.), and it is controlled within a controllable range. All customer information and order information will not be Sharing or dissemination by third-party organizations (individuals). Exception: We provide Turnitin® plagiarism detection report according to the order situation. To obtain the report, the order manuscript must be sent to the Turnitin server for comparison with the database data. This test does not affect the results of your submission of manuscripts to Turnitin for detection again. We The test performed will not be recorded in the Turnitin database. The test only keeps a copy of the test report on the Turnitin server, but the copy is restricted to a controllable range. It cannot be viewed or accessed through the Internet or Turnitin in any way without authorization. Copy.

We do not disclose any information

All information is stored in our server or database. Without authorization and your consent, no one can know that you have used our services (including but not limited to your teachers, classmates and friends). Without authorization, No one can access the personal information of one or all customers. We will not disclose your personal information, order information and contact information.

Protect files

After an order is completed, our staff will upload the order manuscript to the server and send it to the corresponding customer. Any third party cannot get the permission and way to access a certain order manuscript. We only save order documents according to your needs. Our default period for storing order documents is one month (30 days), and the order documents will be deleted from the server after the expiration date. According to your needs, we can extend or shorten the storage period for a specific order (for example, if you require an order document to be deleted from the database or server immediately, then we will immediately follow your instructions).

Use cookies

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Cookies are brief documents that will be saved on the user's computer disk to track, save, and store interactive information between users and the website. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer disk, you need to take the necessary steps to block cookies from this website and the server provider.

Children's online privacy protection clause

We comply with the requirements of COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act) and we do not collect any information about children under 13 years of age. Our website, products and services are only available to customers over 13 years old.

Changes and revisions

If we decide to change the privacy policy, we will update the following privacy policy terms modification date.

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Last revision date: July 3, 2014